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ALPHA GRISSIN SA is managed by a group of experienced executives, including the following senior executives:

Aliossa Grissin, son of Vasileios

Chairman (Executive)
Holds a graduate degree in Business Administration from King’s College London. Since 2005 he has been participating in all the ALPHA GRISSIN Group efforts in abroad. Since 2009, holds the position of Real-Estate Unit Manager.

Dimitrios Parthenis, son of Georgios

Vice-Chairman and Managing Director (Executive)
Chief Executive Officer of ALPHA GRISSIN Group. Graduate of Athens University of Economics, with postgraduate studies in enterprise restructuring. He has been working for the Group since 2000, having passed through the position of Economic and General Manager of GRISSIN-PAPPAS S.A., and Head of Economic Services and Corporate Growth of ALPHA GRISSIN S.A.

Marios Kapenekakis, son of Michael

General Manager, Business Critical Continuity unit - Member (Executive)
General Manager of ALPHA GRISSIN S.A. Certified Electric Engineer and Computer Engineer. Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. He has been an executive of Alpha Grissin SA since establishment and has taken up different duties; until 2004 he was the company’s Technical Director. For the last twenty years he has been participating in the design and construction of highly demanding projects in Greece and abroad, acquiring valuable experience, both in the public and in the private sector.

Eleni Moriati, daughter of Georgios

Chief Accountant
Chief Accountant of ALFA GRISSIN Group, employed by the Group since June 2013. She is a graduate of the Business Administration Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus and has long and extensive experience in the Financial Services area having worked in large Greek and multinational groups of companies.

Kiveli Gousi, daughter of Petros

Press Releases Officer-Investor Relations Office
Graduate of American College of Greece, Deree College with a BA in Marketing Communication. She has a multiple year experience working in financial departments of other private companies. She joined the company in June 2011 at the Investor Relations Department, as Press Releases Officer and Investor Relations Officer.

Michael Michayelidis, son of Leonidas

Sales Director

Bath University Postgraduate, with a M.Eng in Electrical Engineering & Power Electronics. He joined the company in 1999 at the department of sales and in 2009 he took the position of Power Supply Products Sales Director, Business Critical Continuity unit.