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ALPHA GRISSIN has proceeded to the implementation of significant investments in the markets of Bulgaria, Poland, and Romania, which demonstrate high growth margins and particularly promising profitability prospects.


  • Poland
  • ALPHA GRISSIN operates in Poland through its subsidiary ALPHA INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LTD, which, in September 2010 completed the project of construction of the residential complex ”GARDEN RESIDENCE” in Krakow, Poland. The building having a surface of 63,000 sq.m. (of which 38,000 sq.m. area consists of superstructures) consists of 451 apartments with 534 parking spaces, 2.150 sq.m. of sports facilities and 1,700 sq.m. of other commercial premises. The upgraded aesthetics and modern design of the apartments complex are anticipate to set new standards in the housing market of Krakow, meeting the increased needs that have been formulated for high quality residential complexes. By the end of 2014, almost 65% of the apartments were sold, while 70% of the retail space was leased. Within the two-year period 2016-2017 there is anticipation of further cash flow derived from the delivery of the apartments.
    Through ALPHA MOGILANY DEVELOPMENT SPZOO, ALPHA GRISSIN holds 25% of a 299,000 sqm plot intended for the development of a private residential complex.
  • Bulgaria
    The engagement of ALPHA GRISSIN Group in the property markets of Southeast Europe started from Bulgaria in 2004 with the establishment of subsidiary ALPHA GRISSIN REAL ESTATES AD.
    ALPHA GRISSIN REAL ESTATES AD, having timely and effectively established a position in the Sofia market, is now in possession of 7 plots of total area of 145,000 sqm. The exploitation of these involves both residential use and the development of commercial premises and logistics facilities.
  • Romania
    Since 2008, Group ALPHA GRISSIN has been active in the Romanian market through its subsidiary ALPHA TUNARI DEVELOPMENT SRL. Having already in its possession a plot of 65 600 sq.m. in Tunari area, north of Bucharest, ALPHA GRISSIN aims to build an apartments and houses complex, covering the housing needs of residents of the country
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